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The historic M&S Schmalberg artificial flower factory first opened its doors in 1916.  The majority of business was custom wholesale orders of bulk fabric flowers.  Over 100-years later we have stayed true to our American made roots. Schmalberg fabric flowers are still hand-made in our New York City garment district atelier.  

Our family business was first started by brothers Morris and Sam Schmalberg. Their nephew, Harold began working at the factory at the age of 17. Harold was a holocaust survivor who lost his family in the war.  He was able to contact his American relatives, Morris and Sam, who helped him move to New York.  In time, Harold learned the family business and eventually inherited M&S Schmalberg—which has always been a NYC Garment District business.

Warren Brand, current President of M&S Schmalberg has been making fake flowers for over 40 years.  His sister Debra Brand joined the fabric flower business shortly after.  As Harold got older and eventually passed away, the two of them took on more responsibility.  In 2008, Warren’s son Adam joined the company, making it a 4th generation family business.   Sadly in July of 2019 Debra passed away after a long battle with Lupus.   

When Morris and Sam Schmalberg started the flower business in 1916, the NYC Garment District produced most of the women’s and children’s fashion apparel in the United States. In the 1940s there were dozens of “flower guys”. Throughout the years that number has shrank, and today, M&S Schmalberg is the oldest and last of it’s kind in America. 

M&S Schmalberg’s artificial flower business has changed drastically over the past 20 years.  We are a domestic factory surviving in an “import world”.  We now focus on specialty custom fabric flower projects for couture fashion designers, milliners and costume designers.  The factory remains ready to produce large production orders as well. M&S Schmalberg continues to manufacture all of its artificial fabric flowers in America. 

The New York City Garment District is still the fashion capital of the world.  M&S Schmalberg’s artificial flowers complement the couture and luxury designers that have made this city famous.  Each artificial flower is hand-made at our atelier using vintage tools and techniques with a tried and true quality that cannot be matched.  Contact us today to discuss your artificial flower needs!