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M&S Schmalberg, is an 101 year old New York based manufacturer that makes beautiful custom fabric flowers for any and all types of occasions. Whether you are a designer looking to add a unique uniform accessory or trim embellishment, or are a wholesaler for uniforms—from school uniform accessories to airline uniforms—we can embellish brooch pins, headbands, bows or neckties in the uniform’s fabric to match. We can assemble these uniform accessories to finish headbands and bow clips for children, too.

Adding flower pins to uniforms are great for distinguishing managers or adding seasonal touches to department store name tags. Airlines that want more fashionable uniforms to make a best lasting impression can come to us as well. Uniform accessories could also complement military and ROTC uniforms for parade performances and more.

If you have an interest in creating ​accessories with fabric flowers, like hair clips or headbands, or even special occasion brooch pins, for your school uniforms​, we have thousands of different flower designs that we can ​make in your ​uniform’s ​fabric and pattern. We can put them on any headband, scrunchie, or bow of your choice​.​

View our gallery for styles that can be custom made or changed in any fabric or color. Pricing depends on material and quantity.

If you would like to see a sample​ or have any questions,​ please contact us.