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Visual Merchandisers

Fake flowers are an excellent choice for visual merchandisers tasked with decorating showrooms or creating window displays and installations.  M&S Schmalberg flowers will immediately transform the look of any room.

Our New York factory is able to quickly produce fake flowers in bulk.  Flowers can be created to your custom specification.  Textile companys use M&S Schmalberg flowers to showcase their newest fabrics.  Street level stores capture the imagination of passers by with stunning red roses to highlight their window display.

M&S Schmalberg has been the go-to destination for fake flowers in New York since 1916.  In 2018 we had the privilege of creating custom fabric flowers for the Mood fabrics home decor street level store.  Clients can visit our NYC showroom or our gallery to see some of the different styles available.  Contact us today to discuss your artificial flower needs.

Mood Designer Fabrics window display in New York City