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M&S Schmalberg artificial flowers have been hand-made in USA for over one hundred years.  Silk, leather and velvet fabrics are cut, embossed and assembled in to blooms at our New York City atelier.  Most of our vintage flower tools have been passed down through multiple generations.   We are proud to say that even in 2020, our flowers are still American Made.  

We offer many flowers, petals and leaves for our fashion design clients.  Couturiers send M&S Schmalberg their finest silk materials to create custom fleurs for their dresses.  Costume designers use M&S Schmalberg’s vast library to complete their ensembles.  Milliners know that the finishing touch to any hat is a custom fabric flower by M&S Schmalberg. 

We are eager to help in any part of your production process, including finishing, embellishing and packaging your flower accessories. The fabric flowers we make can be finished with hair clips, brooch pins, military tacks, push pins, lapel buttons, stick pins, combs, alligator clips, shoe clips, magnets, or elongated stems.

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