SJP Wearing M&S Schmalberg

Adam Brand

18 May 2023

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And Just Like That

And Just Like That

A little while back, the costume department from “And Just Like That” added some of our larger and most distinguished flowers to their collection. We were hopeful to see our handcrafted pieces featured in the show.

Today, those hopes became reality. Fashion icon Sarah Jessica Parker and HBO Max have officially announced the start date of Season 2 of “And Just Like That,” with a giant M&S Schmalberg flower making a grand appearance!

In the new poster, the entire ensemble cast, including primary and supporting stars, are gathered around a dinner table, dressed to the nines. At the center of this stylish tableau is Parker, clad in a pink dress with an oversized statement flower on the bodice – a unique creation by M&S Schmalberg.

It’s an honor to see our craftsmanship showcased so beautifully in the world of high fashion and television. We invite you to see our creation in its full glory!