Custom Bridal Bouquet

Adam Brand

18 February 2019

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Custom Bridal Bouquet

Custom Bridal Bouquet

Did you know that we make custom silk wedding bouquets for brides and bridesmaids?  Artificial Flower Bouquets can be created using any combination of Silk Flowers, Petals and Leaves.  We can even incorporate your vintage dresses and heirlooms.  It is such a joy to share in the planning of  someone’s special day!  Here is a short story about a bride who visited our Flower Shop a few weeks ago…

Brittany wanted to incorporate her Mother’s wedding dress into her special day as it had tremendous sentimental value.  Using our artisanal process we were able to take the dress and create beautiful fabric flowers in the designs of her choice.   We combined the custom flowers with a beautiful array of silk ivory flowers and leaves from our newest collections.  Brittany was able to hand select every item that went in to her flower bouquet.

After selecting her Flowers we gave the components to our talented staff who would begin to assemble the bouquet.  Brittany worked closely with the team to make sure everything came out exactly like she wanted.    

custom bridal bouquet

Brittany and her family were thrilled at her one of a kind bouquet!  When Brittany’s mom came to the US from Vietnam her wedding dress was one of the few items she brought over.  At M&S Schmalberg we were able to take this heirloom and and turn it in to a stunning custom bouquet that will last forever.  Are you looking for a custom silk bouquet for your wedding?  Contact us today!

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