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Adam Brand

29 April 2020

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Hat Academy Interview

Hat Academy Interview

During these uncertain times I have enjoyed the brief opportunities to distract myself and talk about something other than the coronavirus. I was so grateful when Elaine Mergard of The Hat Academy requested a virtual interview with me! The article was part of an e-mail blast sent out today, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Adam Brand is known globally as ‘The Flower Man’ and rightfully so as he manages the family business in New York to produce the most exquisite flowers to adorn milliners headwear and fashion designers creations.

The Company ‘M&S Schmalberg’ is a fourth generation family company, how long have you been involved? (Adam) M&S Schmalberg was founded in 1916 by my Great-Great Uncles Morris and Sam Schmalberg. Today I work with my Dad Warren. I started working full-time around 10 years ago.

Did you have an interest or background in fashion?   (Adam) As the son of a “Flower Man” I was always on the periphery of this industry although it was not something I saw myself doing. I studied Psychology at Stony Brook. After graduating I came to come to work at Schmalberg temporarily while I “figured my life out”. I never left. I have grown to love and cherish this business and am proud to be a part of it.

Milliners who make their own flowers go through a process of stiffening, cutting and shaping petals with heated tools then assembly. Do you use a similar processes? Continue Reading Here…

The full article is available at The Hat Academy (link here)