Leather Flower Pins

Adam Brand

03 May 2019

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Leather Flowers

Leather Flowers

At M&S Schmalberg we work with the most beautiful and unique materials to make our flowers. These leather flower pins are all hand made in our New York City studio using 100% Genuine Leather, Suede and even exotic skins. When working with these luxurious materials we alter our process slightly to ensure the highest quality flower. Leather flowers are cut in very small quantity and each leather petal is delicately embossed one at a time to ensure stunning detail. Once the petals are all cut and pressed our artisans go to work delicately assembling each flower by hand one at a time. The results are worth it. Our Leather Camellias and Leather Roses are the perfect addition to any outfit!

We can make flowers using your leathers. We also have a large inventory of ready made flowers in an assortment of leathers and skins. Contact us today!