Natalie and Alanna Collection IV

Adam Brand

03 July 2018

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Natalie and Alanna

Natalie and Alanna

The Natalie & Alanna Collection IV is now available. The marvelously crafted collection includes edgy luxe details, including the silk flower embellishments that we manufactured the for the collection’s Pale and Black Silk Flower Brooch, Red Silk Flower Choker, and Black Leather Belted Handbag with Leather Flower Charm

Beautiful hand-dyed flowers and more could be selected from our limited stock inventory, which is a great option for smaller collections, accessories, or millinery projects. Some projects are a result of our customer’s vision, and others are built on inspiration from our constant supply of new creations that we keep in-stock in limited quantities. Our artisans are also constantly making new one-of-a-kind creations using all types of fabrics and trims.

The great thing is that every time you visit our factory, you will see something new.

Contact us to find out what new floral creations we are working on next.

Photography: Jon Gorrigan
Model: Sofie Theobald at The Hive Management in London 
Makeup and Hair: Terri Capon
Location: Lordship Park in London

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