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30 January 2019

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New Factory Videos

New Factory Videos

NY2C is the premier New York City entertainment and news channel, featuring everything you want to do and see and know about the Big Apple, from special events, to art openings, one-of-a-kind finds, unique shops, and the iconic sights. Use NY2C interactive videos as your city planner for all things New York.  I had the privilege of sitting down for an interview with them last month and the result was…. Well you’ll see! 


Vibeat360 is a platform where people can explore their environment in 360 degree and benefit from the greatest local offers that surround them.  In December we were fortunate to have the company founder Florian up to our factory to do some recording.  I highly recommend watching this with a 360′ headset if you have it.  The immersion is awesome!  In addition there are some really great still images of our shop available on their website.  We hope you enjoy it all as much as we did!


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