The Gilded Age Costumes

Adam Brand

25 February 2022

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The Gilded Age

The Gilded Age

HBO’s new series “The Gilded Age” is a trip back in time to the era of 1882 in New York. It was a time of prosperity, industrial growth and the societal clash of “old money” versus “new money. It was a time of flowers. The costumes serve as a representation of the world at that time and further the narrative and division between the characters. One thing is for sure; the citizens of 1882 New York had style.

Costume designer Kasia Walicka-Maimone was given the arduous task of portraying these characters through their costumes. Kasia and her team of costumers researched the Gilded Age to best understand the styles of the era. The costumes enhance the storytelling. M&S Schmalberg worked closely with these creatives to design custom fabric flowers to fit each character.

“The Gilded Age” has been an incredible project to be a part of. As of this post the first season is still airing on HBO. We look forward to adding more pictures of flowers as they become available and to working with Kasia and her team on season two!