My Wedding!

Adam Brand

16 August 2018


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My Wedding!

My Wedding!

I was married in May to my wife, Bari. Throughout the period of time that we dated I would always surprise Bari with silk flowers because she hated wasting money on real flowers. As a fourth generation flower-maker, we knew that we wanted elements of my job and family business incorporated throughout our wedding to keep the memory of my grandfather, Harold Brand with us. 

We were able to use all silk M&S Schmalberg flowers on our chuppah. We also used hand-dyed silk rose petals to scatter on the wedding aisle, and applied a fabric flower on our seating cards.   

It was magical to celebrate this special moment with our family and friends. 


  • Cindy Husband says:

    Thank you for sharing these pictures! Everything looks perfect; especially the flowers!

  • Diana says:

    Oh my goodness! You look adorable, your bride is so lovely! Thank you for sharing~ pictures are great, so many charming details; the fact that you were able to incorporate your fabulous flowers into the day is very touching and memorable for your family I’m sure. (I would SO store some of these away, instant heirlooms, to be used in ANOTHER bouquet, or chuppah, for the next generation, many happy years down the road 🙂 Wishing you and your dearest one many blessings!

  • Mimi Jackson says:

    Long time fan of your business, your company, and your family.

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