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07 August 2019

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Men’s Lapel Pins

Men’s Lapel Pins

I was at a wedding and saw a gentleman wearing one of our Red Carnation Men’s Lapel Pins that he bought on Amazon.  He had read about our company in the recent NY Times article and was thrilled to see a fashion accessory boutonniere still made in America. We spoke for a while and I shared some of the history of M&S Schmalberg with him.  The whole experience was really cool!

M&S Schmalberg Men’s Lapel Pins are all hand-made in our New York City factory.  We offer men’s and women’s flowers alike in all shapes and sizes.  Whether it’s a Red Carnation lapel pin or a White Camellia Brooch, you are sure to impress with an M&S Schmalberg Flower.  You can shop our stock flowers or send us your own shirting material and tie silks to have something custom made.  Flowers can be finished with a Stick-Pin, military tack, button or magnet backing.  We can create you the perfect custom men’s lapel flower.

Our men’s lapel pins have been worn by celebrities and civilians alike.  When I wear a flower lapel I like to go for simplicity and subtly.  In the 2017 September issue of W Magazine Jared Leto choose to go in the other direction.  When it comes to style there is no wrong way to do things!